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Topline International

Manufacturing quality sports goods can be a daunting task. From design to development, a quality sports good goes through multiple checks before it is declared fit for the athlete. Pakistan, an Asian country is known for its reliable and affordable export quality sports goods.
The Brazuca, official soccer ball used during the 2014 Soccer World Cup, was manufactured in the city of Sialkot, Pakistan. Similarly, sports goods from Pakistan have featured in some prestigious international sporting events. Topline Sports is a Pakistani sports good manufacturing company that specializes in boxing and MMA products. With top of the line products, Topline has since exported its goods to major MMA and boxing events in the world. Here is more on Topline the company and its sports products:

Setting The Benchmark

Topline Sports among more reputable manufacturers of boxing, MMA in Pakistan. The company has made a good name for itself due to setting high standards for both product quality and organizational culture. Unlike other sports goods makers in the region, the Topline Sports never compromises on product quality. All out sports goods comply with international standards for quality and reliability. The company is among a handful of games companies that not only cater for local sports market but also exports a large quantity and adds its share to the national exchequer.

When it comes to product quality, Topline Sports is among the best boxing, MMA & sportswear manufacturer in the world. You cannot go wrong with buying Topline boxing and MMA sports gear. They ensure that the equipment is made under strictly controlled manufacturing process. Each product goes through multiple stages of checks to ensure compliance with international standards. With the ISO 9001 certification at its disposal, the company is known to focus on the optimum quality of manufactured products.


To judge the actual reputation and market share of a given company, you need to look how many international customers the company deals with. If it sells its products to some or many famous clients, it is a reputable company. The more international clients, the more reputable the company. Topline has been exporting its boxing and MMA sports goods to some of the most renowned customers worldwide.

To enhance their presence across multiple continents, Topline Sports has a global presence across the world, with offices in more than fifteen countries. At the same time, the company has established business partnerships with many renowned customers in different parts of the world. Some of the more well-known clients include Arcaro Boxing Gym, Everlast, Title Boxing, Seattle Boxing Gym, Alpha Martial Arts, Adii Boxing, Action Club and Azteca to name a few. Naturally, these companies wouldn’t sell inferior, cheap quality products. The quality standards of Topline manufactured boxing and MMA goods meet their quality control criteria.


Topline Sports is among few sporting manufacturers in Pakistan that have stringent quality control procedures. From raw materials to the finished goods, our quality control continues from start to finish. The company manufactures just over 1400 sports articles in different categories. Topline Sports can prepare around 5 million units per year. Though we make sporting goods and wear for all sports, we particularly focus on MMA and boxing sportswear and goods. We prepare both hand-made and machine-made products as per the demand from our customers. We take pride in being one of select few manufacturers of boxing, MMA in Pakistan. Make no mistake about the quality of these products, as they’ll easily compete with the best quality sports goods anywhere in the world. Apart from traditional leather made sporting goods, the company also specializes in artificial leather, Rexine, plastic and other raw materials.

Company Culture

Much like its top notch quality products for boxing and MMA in Pakistan, the company is also renowned for its strict policies. For instance, Topline Sports maintains a strict policy to against forced and child labor. The company participates in social activities like Education for all, rehabilitation and healthcare. They also support charitable social initiatives taken by other social activists. These values make Topline Sports a highly respected business outfit not just in Pakistan, but in the entire region.

If you are a boxer looking to buy, keep Topline Sports in mind, the quality manufacturers of boxing, MMA in Pakistan.